Terms and conditions

What about modulolab products?

Modulolab offers products manufactured during the second half of the 20th century which design truly reflects their time. All our products are strictly original designs and never re-issues.

In what condition will you find our products ?

They are in full working condition unless specified otherwise and under a 3 days warranty from the date of delivery. Our Condition section describes the state of each item as :

  • Brand new (with or without original packaging) : the item is in perfect conditions and has never been used.
  • Very good state : the item has been used but remains as good as new.
  • Good state : the item bears a few marks but remains in a more than acceptable condition.
  • Average state : the item has several flaws, all of which are specified in the Observation section.

How could you buy an item?

Directly at our Barcelona show room by appointment, calling us (0034)659978977 or sending an email (contact@modulolab.com), or on line, because we can send your order at home.

What are our shipping and delivery terms ?

We carefully and personally pack our products and are able to ship worldwide, transport fees being at the buyers’ expense. We both work with Post Office and specialized haulage contractors for the more delicate or bulky items. We will happily give you tariffs and possible delivery dates on your request without any compromise on your behalf.

What is the delivery cost of a specific item ?

We need to know the item’s reference number as well as the place of delivery post code. Just send us an email (contact@modulolab.com) or fill in our questionnaire, we will get in touch as briefly as we can.

How can I reserve an item ?

We can reserve any item for up to 3 days after which we put it back for sale unless you’ve contacted us and/or paid a deposit.

How can I confirm an order ?

We need your payment, your full address and a telephone number should your order be delivered by a haulage contractor.

How do I pay for my order ?

Payment can be made by international bank transfer: IBAN: ES2901820206380203793714, BIC: BBVAESMM or by credit card (2% for fees) or by Paypal (4% for Paypal fees). We will email the invoice if you need it.

Can I return a product ?

If the item matches our website description, we will only take it back under exceptional circumstances. If the item doesn’t match our description, we will take it back and cover the transport expenses. In such a case, we only ask you to let us know within 48 hours after delivery.

What shall I do if my parcel has been damaged during transport ?

If the parcel has been damaged or opened, it is utterly important to specify so on the delivery note and get in touch with us straight away. If the item has been damaged and the shipment is insured, you can claim compensations to the transport company and we will go through the procedure for you. However, since we are not responsible for this kind of damages, we will not be able to compensate you directly and you will have to wait for the transport company to do so (each one having its own payment schedule). If the parcel seems unspoilt but the item is damaged inside, please get in touch with us before 24h after you received it. Send us pictures of the item inside its original packaging. We will let you know on how to proceed.